Treatment for Dark Acne Scars and Pimples: MelaClenz and Melapads

April 08, 2017


Pimples can be quite embarrassing, but the good thing is that once a pimple pops up it is only a temporary phenomenon. Within a few days, most acne cysts go through a process of inflammation followed by a waning period in which the inflammation subsides and the redness goes away. If you have darker skin or olive skin, pimples may progress to a dark spot through a process of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH).


Dark acne scars can last for months or even years, causing you to have an uneven and mottled complexion. These dark acne scars are caused by an overstimulation of pigment by melanocytes that exist within the epidermis of the skin. Dark acne scars are different than atrophic acne scars because they can be corrected with topical creams. Atrophic acne scars require more aggressive treatment with a combination of radiofrequency, lasers, fillers, subcision, and acne surgery.


Kare MD recommends a brightening regimen for dark acne scars that includes an acne-approved facial cleanser such as MelaClenz; twice daily use of a pre-soaked exfoliating wipe (Melapads, 60 count); Melarase AM with SPF 30 in the morning; and a combination of Melarase PM and Replenish cream in the evening. This entire Brightening Regimen is outstanding for dark acne scars.