Opti-Mask Hydrate Face Sheet Mask

April 02, 2017



OPTI-MASK HYDRATE by Kare MD Skin Health


Years Eve, Spring Break, Memorial Day, Summertime…you name the holiday and I can guarantee you that my skin takes a bit of a beating with every second of revelry. Yes, holidays are meant to help us relax, but the cumulative load of stress and partying can really wear away at your skin. Fortunately for us, the folks at Kare MD Skin Health have developed a product designed for the self-indulgent.  Opti-Mask Hydrate is a therapeutic face sheet mask that delivers a super-luxuriant boost to your skin. Just apply for 15 to 20 minutes after a night of partying and your skin will look and feel better.




A hypo-allergenic face sheet mask that hydrates and energizes the skin.  These optifiber masks are pre-soaked in a hydrating skin serum that delivers an energizing boost to your skin. Used twice daily, Opti-Mask Hydrate improves skin moisture levels, helps correct pigmentation, and delivers skin-soothing vitamins and antioxidants.




Hyaluronic acid (skin quencher and skin moisturizer); Meadowform extract (energizing skin antioxidant that softens and moisturizes); Niacinamide (anti-aging vitamin that stimulates cellular renewal and repair); Licorice extract (natural skin lightener to help reverse hyperpigmentation).  




This is an absolutely wonderful product that gives your skin an energizing boost. The powerful complex of skin-energizing extracts helps correct premature signs of aging and provides a refreshing boost to your skin’s moisture level. Hyaluronic acid, combines with therapeutic niacinamide and licorice extract are the key ingredients to reverse sun damage and repair skin. An absolute must-have as the Opti-Mask delivers everything promised.




USA & INTERNATIONAL ORDERS : www.kareskin.com

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