Options for Ingrown Hairs on the Bikini Line

April 10, 2017

Options for ingrown hairs on the bikini line

Getting beach ready starts with a bit of grooming in the bikini area. The inner thighs and pubic areas commonly develop ingrown hairs and folliculitis, problem that are as pervasive in light skinned and colored skin. Darker skin types often have associated hyperpigmentation that develops alongside the ingrown hairs.

Kare MD Skin has developed a skincare regimen that can address ingrown hairs and folliculitis based on your skin tone and condition. If you have ingrown hairs and folliculitis alone, Melapads work well to prevent and reverse ingrown hairs. Used twice daily, the alpha beta hydroxy acids in Melapads whisk away pore-clogging debris and allow for healthier skin. Melapads contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids combined with witch hazel and kojic acid.

If you have ingrown hairs, folliculitis, and brown spots with hyperpigmentation; a regimen composed of twice daily Melapads followed by Melarase AM in the morning and Melarase PM in the evening helps solve the ingrown hair problem and dark spots. Melarase AM and Melarase PM work well on pigmentation control.

Visit www.kareskin.com to learn more about Melarase creams and Melapads.


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