Melarase Brightening Creams After Cosmelan, Vi Peel, and Fraxel laser

December 28, 2017

Melarase Brightening Creams After Cosmelan, Vi Peel, and Fraxel laser

Rapid-exfoliation treatments for melasma include Fraxel laser, Cosmelan peels, and VI Peels; all of which can cause long-term redness and hyperpigmentation on the skin. It is important to avoid direct sun exposure and wear sunscreen after therapy in order to minimize the risk of long-term skin damage.

At Kareskin, we have developed a therapeutic protocol to maintain healthy skin after melasma therapy. Our most popular line of products includes Melarase AM, Melarase PM, and Elevase; all of which can improve skin quality after Fraxel laser, Cosmelan peels, and VI peels. When used after melasma therapy, the Kareskin Melarase protocol can soothe the skin, reduce the incidence of abnormal pigmentation, and help maintain a healthy complexion.  

Melarase AM contains four active sunblocks, coupled with natural skin lighteners to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, while at the same time improving your complexion and skin tone. Ingredients such as Mulberry, Bearberry, and Licorice extract act as powerful skin lighteners to reduce abnormal skin pigmentation and age spots. Melarase AM is used initially in the morning and throughout the day if you are under direct sunlight.

Melarase PM is our best-selling skin lightener and contains a combination of hydroquinone and skin stimulating exfoliants in a moisturizing base. Used as a night cream, Melarase PM can reduce overactive pigmentation whle you sleep.

Elevase Moisture Booster contains a mega-dose of opti-ceramides to enhance the natural moisture barrier function of the skin. An ideal moisturizer and skin hydrator after Fraxel laser and Cosmelan or VI peels.

After melasma laser or chemical peels; the following protocol is advised:

  • Elevase Moisture Booster: Twice daily application of Elevase Moisture Booster to help hydrate chapped, sensitized, and dry skin after treatment. Apply liberally on the treated area and reapply if you are experiencing persistent dryness.
  • Melarase AM + Melarase PM: Once the skin has healed over and the peeled, apply Melarase AM in the morning and Melarase PM in the evening to help reduce abnormal pigmentation or PIH. Melarase creams can help maintain a smooth complexion and should be used for at least several months (Note: one bottle contains one month supply).

Elevase Moisture Booster: 60 gm

Melarase AM: 50 gm

Melarase PM: 50 gm

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