Melarase AM Intensive Skin Brightener


A more natural alternative to pharmacetuical skin brighteners containing mulberry, bearberry and licorice extracts, this intense, non-hydroquinone skin brightener with four UVA/UVB sunblocks combats skin discoloration by controlling melanin deposition within the epidermis, lightening the skin and allowing its natural radiance to shine through. Melarase AM improves sun spots, uneven pigmentation, and skin discoloration associated with sun exposure, hormones, scars, and acne. Additionally, It fights the aging of the skin and protects against the harsh UV rays that help cause it. Best used in the morning or during sunlight hours.

Ideal for anti-aging, correcting uneven pigmentation, and improving sun spot discoloration

Contains a powerful combination of non-hydroquinone melanin-inhibitors, plus four broad spectrum sunscreens to improve the appearance of skin discoloration

Combats melanin production in the skin and brightens the complexion

Best if used as part of the Anti-Aging Kit and Brightening Kit

Purchase as part of the Revitalization Kit

2 fl oz. / 60 gm

Key Ingredients

Mulberry Extract, Bearberry Extract, Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract, Vitamin A


How To Use

Use once daily in the morning on the face, neck, or other areas of skin discoloration. Apply an even layer onto the affected areas and gently massage into skin.

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