Melapads Daily Exfoliating Pads


Buff away dead skin, dirt, and other impurities and hit reset on your skin with pre-soaked alpha and beta hydroxy and kojic acid Melapads. Ideal for twice-daily use for those looking to brighten skin generally, as well as those looking to correct dark pigmentation areas. These pads also help reduce excess sebum and fine wrinkle on all skin types and colors. Melapads help improve acne and smooth out skin throughout the body, not just on your face.

Pre-soaked pads with a powerful formula of kojic, alpha, and beta hydroxy acid to reduce acne-causing sebum and refresh complexion

Deeply exfoliating to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles while bringing out skin’s natural radiance.

Helps diminish pigmentation issues and skin discoloration

Best if used as part of the Anti-Aging Kit and the Body Brightening Kit

60 Pads

Key Ingredients

Salicylic, Glycolic and Kojic Acid


How To Use

Wash affected area. Pat Dry. Apply one saturated pad to the face twice daily. For dry or sensitive skin, use once daily.


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