Treating Dark Leg Scars from Insect Bites: Body Brightening Kit

April 11, 2017

Beautiful legs are such an amazing feature on a woman’s body. If you live in warmer tropical climates, it takes a lot of work to maintain those beautiful legs given the risk of developing dark scars from insect bites. At Kareskin, we receive a lot of inquiries from women who are distraught about insect bite scars from mosquitoes and other types of insects.


Insect bites on the legs can leave deeply pigmented scars due a process known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Depending on the type of insect bite, your skin may mount an initial inflammatory reaction that leads the skin to become red and inflamed. As the skin heals, the inflammation stimulates the skin to deposit excess melanin pigment, leading to a characteristic dark spot.


The darker your skin type, the more prone you are to developing dark scars with insect bites. The best solution is to tackle the process very early before the pigmentation has set in. Our advice…soothe the skin with aloe vera gel or a cortisone cream first to calm the inflammatory process.  Once the skin has healed, begin the Kare Body Brightening Regimen that includes Luminase and Exfolase to reduce skin pigmentation.


If you are diligent enough to start the Body Brightening Regimen early enough, the pigmentation will not have time to develop. Avoid excessive sun exposure and make sure to use Spectrase SPF 30 or other types of sunblock to reduce sun-related pigmentation.



Kare MD Skin Health Body Brightening Regimen