Best Ceramide Cream for Retinoid Reaction While on Accutane

December 01, 2019

Accutane (isotretinoin) is an established therapy for cystic acne on the face and body. Often, isotretinoin oral dose tablets are combined with a retinoid cream such as Refissa or Retin-A; both of which can cause an intense retinoid reaction characterized by itching, burning, redness, and dryness of the skin. If you are using retinoids and are experiencing dryness to the point that you are contemplating stopping treatment, you may benefit from Elevase cream with opti-ceramides.

The typical retinoid reaction occurs in the skin and is often associated with a skin allergy or skin sensitivity. Retinoids cause the skin to exfoliate, leading to characteristic dryness and itching.



Dermatologists usually prescribe a non-oily moisturizer to help with this retinoid reaction or else patients often defer to cessation of the isotretinoin and retinoids due to dry and sensitized skin. Ceramide creams are amazing and help to placate the typical retinoid reaction.

Choosing Elevase Moisture Booster: As a safeguard against poor compliance, an ideal moisturizer for retinoid reaction and dryness with retinoids and isotretinoin is Elevase Moisture Booster, which is a ceramide moisturizer that reinforces the natural skin barrier function of the skin. Non-oily and safe to use on sensitive skin, Elevase is the perfect ceramide moisturizer if you are dealing with uncomfortable retinoid reaction. 

Elevase Moisture Booster, 60 gm

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